"We're the only species that go camping" - Jack Harkness (Countrycide)
Planet of Origin Earth (Origin)
Also Known as: Tellurian

Earthling ape
Homo sapiens

Ruler N/A
Gender Ratio ♂57% ♀43%
Most Infamous: Rose Tyler
Adolph Hitler
Sarah Jane Smith
Napoleon Bonaparte
Henry VII
River Song
Donna Noble
Amy Pond

Humans are a species of sentient primates. Though humans could trace their evolutionary past to Earth,many billions of humans were eventually born on other worlds, after humanity spread through the cosmos. In fact, humans became so widespread that they eventually came to emphasise their relationship to worlds other than Earth, choosing to identify not as Earthlings, but as Venusians or Martians.


Humans were special in the universe, as they had an innate skill with time travel, rivalling that of even the Time Lords. Innate psychic abilities were rare but not unknown. Many humans have telepathic powers, though in almost all cases it was weak or suppressed. Humans have little in the way of telepathic emissions and are difficult to track telepathically.Humanity has an instinctive need to protect their own genetic line.